Why Wait?

How many times have you walked by someone and said to yourself, “He shouldn’t be doing that,” “He’s gonna get hurt” or “That does not look good”.  What did you do?  Most of us keep on walking, mind our business and don’t say a word.

We see a concern.  We know that person could get hurt.  We know it’s unsafe.  Why don’t we speak up?

One of the primary reasons we don’t speak up is because of the “voices”.  The voices that give us all the reasons why we shouldn’t say anything.  Things like, “They should know better,” “If I say something, they’ll get mad,” “They won’t listen to me anyway,” That’s their business, not mine” and so many more.

Do you ever hear yourself saying these things?

I was in my yard one day watching a team of construction workers build a house next door.  They were working on a wobbly, homemade scaffolding that was barely holding their weight and they were not tied off.  I watched them work for 2-3 minutes shaking my head thinking the same thoughts as I mentioned above.  I went back inside.  Those little voices got the best of me that day.  Later that day, I heard a crash.  The scaffolding fell and there were two men on the ground.  Luckily, no one was seriously hurt.  Why didn’t I speak up BEFORE the scaffolding fell?  Those two men got lucky that day.  I got lucky as well.

I learned a lesson that day.  So, next time you hear those negative voices, remember…you could save a life today.  Don’t wait.  Speak Up!


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