Culture Transformation Process
Our process includes a deep dive analysis of your current culture to assist in developing customized steps and success milestones to address the unique needs of your organization, while incorporating the elements essential to transform the safety culture.  During the process, we have the experience of creating management commitment and buy-in, forging the way for success.

Blended Learning Tools (encompasses ILT, Videos, and Supervisor led discussions/Workbooks) – Our tools are uniquely designed, on a per program basis, to support each element of your customized solution.  We continually evaluate existing programs and work with our clients to produce tools that are both efficient and effective.

Process Safety
Our cutting-edge approach to process safety from a human behavior perspective uses our blended learning tools to customize a unique solution, designed to address your organizational needs.

Organizational/Culture Surveys
Our approach to organizational and safety culture surveys involves a customized deployment of questions/methods to fit your specific goals versus an “off the shelf” questionnaire. We work with our clients to gather a snapshot of their current scenario and make recommendations, based on data collected, to create specific goals for the future.


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